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It might be a big step from product design to fully functional part design for casting. We will examine CAD models developed by our customers and advice to select suitable surface finishes as well as draft angles and other manufacturing details.


Prototypes are used to verify design for fit or function testing and material testing. We provide broad range of rapid prototyping techniques, such as:

  • CNC milling, 3- and 5-axis, for plastics and metals
  • CNC-lathe
  • 3D printing, SLA, SLS, FDM
  • Vacuum casting for polyurethanes
  • Injection molding
  • Die casting

We offer large scale of materials and additional services such as measuring reports, printings and paintings. Please contact us for more information.


From prototype tool to mass production injection molding solutions, our experienced team offers support and long lasting solutions. We know what to look for to ensure the best possible solutions and prevent any problems arising later in part production.

  • Tool Design
  • Plastic Injection Molds
  • Die Casting Molds
  • Other tools
  • Tool Service & Modifications

When you are planning product changes or improvements, we provide these modifications implemented on existing tools in China or Finland closest to you.
We also provide tool maintenace and repairs so that your production is as efficient as possible.


If your company does not have own manufacturing facitilies, we can manufacture parts in China and ship parts or even the final products to you. We ensure competitive price and good service, regardless of scale. We have also injection moulding facility in Finland. We provide local storaging to ensure on time deliveries.

  • Plastic & Rubber
  • Metal & Die casting


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